My Tools

Here are some of the tools I’m using in my videos:

Proxxon-DB-250 Jet 1015 mini lathe. This is a recent addition to my shop with the help of my Patrons, and I’m very happy with it! It’s very quiet and not taking much space in the shop, but still very versatile and well built. I got the non variable speed one and would recommend you to spend the extra hundred bucks to get the one with variable speed, it’s really handy.
You can get it here: Jet 1015 VS

Proxxon-DB-250 Proxxon DB 250 micro lathe. This is probably the most used tool in my videos. Small, quiet and very accurate, ideal for small work like pens, miniatures and tool handles. I’ve used various attachments with this lathe: grinding wheels, wire wheels, polishing attachments, even a miniature homemade table saw.
You can get it here: Proxxon DB 250

Proxxon-50-EFProxxon 50/EF rotary tool. I don’t know what I would do without this little 12 volt tool. I use it for grinding, cutting metal, sanding, sharpening drill bits, drilling tiny, tiny holes, shaping knife handles, polishing, wire brushing in tight spaces, and many, many more uses. It’s thin, making it easier to handle than larger similar tools and it’s also very accurate and quiet.
You can get it here: Proxxon 50/EF

belt-sander1×30 Belt Sander. I got this cheap belt sander a year ago and it’s been a game changer in my metalworking. Before buying it I had to use either a bench grinder or a file to shape metal, now this is my go to tool when it comes to sharpening blades, chisels or drill bits or when I’m making knives or other small metal objects.
You can get it here: Belt Sander

Proxxon-FETMiniature Table Saw. For a long time I’ve used my homemade mini table saw attachment to the lathe. But it was kinda limited in depth of cut and also I felt the need for height and angle adjustment for the blade. So, after careful consideration, since this is not a cheap tool, I bought the Proxxon FET table saw and I’m very happy with it.
You can get it here: Proxxon FET

evolution-rage3-db Evolution Rage Miter Saw. This saw can cut through metal and wood with the same blade. No more grinding disks with their smell and dust, no more fear there might be a nail in that piece of wood I’m cutting, no need for two different tools in my limited space. The build quality of this saw is quite decent, it’s pretty accurate and powerful.
You can get it here: Evolution RAGE 3-DB

kant-twist-clampKant Twist Clamps. I’ve bought a pair of these clamps at the flea market and they are awesome. No other clamp I own has the holding power of these clamps. Much better than C clamps since the don’t tend to rotate the workpiece when you tighten them. They have a groove in the jaws to allow clamping on round stock.
You can get them here: Kant Twist Clamps

BnD-angle-grinderBlack & Decker angle grinder. I’ve had this grinder for almost 15 years and it’s been used and abused in all imaginable ways, from cutting pavers, bricks and tile to grinding and cutting metal in countless projects and it’s still going strong. I bought it because it was cheap but it surprised me with its durability.
You can get them here: B&D angle grinder

makita-angle-grinderMakita angle grinder. This is a recent purchase, after I realized it’s much more convenient to have multiple angle grinders instead of constantly switching between cutting and grinding wheels. I bought this Makita since it had great reviews and it has a slim body, making it very easy to handle when sanding or grinding.
You can get it here: Makita angle grinder

By buying any of these tools from Amazon you are helping this channel without any additional costs to you.  I am not paid by Proxxon to promote their tools and  I bought them with my own money, but I really like them and I’ve been using some of them for years and that’s why I ‘m recommending them.
Thank you!